Kevin Conroy not returning for Arkham Origins

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For many, myself including, Kevin Conroy IS Batman. No one else could match his perfect interpretation of the Dark Knight - cool, calm, brutal, intimidating yet cunning and ferociously intelligent. His voice wasn't just a voice, it defined who Batman was, and was an inherent part of Batman's animated character. To hear someone else as Batman would be like hearing someone other than David Hayter as Solid Snake, Michael Ironside not reprising his role as Sam Fisher, or Stephen Russell not coming back as Garrett.


Well, according to multiple news sites, Conroy will not be returning to voice the Dark Knight, as WB says since the game focuses on Batman's early years, they wanted a young voice actor to voice the Bat.

This is understandable. Am I happy? No. Especially because it appears that 2013 is the year that will forever be known among gamers as "the year in which some of our all-time favourite voice actors died" (AKA replaced).


Here's hoping the new guy brings something good to the table. Kevin, you will be missed.

Multiple news sites:………

Some of the sites make mention of new game features, which seem pretty cool to me. This helps to ease the pain, though again I'm gonna miss my favourite voice actors.

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