Iron Man 3 Review

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Just saw Iron Man 3.


The humour was perfect. Never felt forced. All were good jokes. Made Tony come off likeable and not arrogant at all - a likeable dick type character in the most perfect of senses.


The story was great. I really liked the focus on Tony as a character. His demons taking an effect on his psyche, and his reactions to his problems - it was a superhero movie with a personal side. It wasn't "epic" but action-packed, but we saw different sides of a character that was so well-executed that you can't help but love him.

Also, all of the different Iron Man armours were great.

The plot, as stated before, wasn't quite so epic, but that wasn't the point.

Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin was one of my favourite parts of the show. His interpretation of the character will definitely divide the audience though.


I went in not expecting much, and got so much more. The more I reflect on the film, the more I like it. That's when I know it's good.

P.S. There's an after-credits scene! I liked it!

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